Safety Alert Reminder

Safety Alert--Gates Locked & Visitor Pass Needed
Posted on 05/14/2018
Safety Alert...Attention Parents, Guardians, Visitors, & Students!

In order to keep our children safe, please do NOT drop students off at the school before 7:45 a.m as there is NO ONE to supervise them before then.

Also, to keep students safe, please do NOT drop them off outside of the gate near the bus loop, that is a very dangerous situation.

Finally, for school campus safety, please do NOT ask students to open any of the school gates! 

Pahokee Elementary Visitor Passes to be worn while on campus.All parents are required to go to the OFFICE FIRST to obtain a visitor’s pass before going to your destination. Valid Picture ID is needed to sign out student(s).
This is for everyone’s safety. Thank you for your cooperation & support!